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There’s no question about it: social media is one of the most effective ways to build a brand through meaningful engagement. That said, one of the biggest mysteries is how many times per day to post.

There are two things to remember before following any advice on this hot topic. First, to increase social media engagement posts must be high value. So while posting to Twitter 15 times a day is recommended, only do it if your posts are likely to get activity.

Otherwise, you’ll come across as spammy and lose followers and, more worryingly, engagement. The second thing to remember is what works on each platform. Below you’ll find our guidelines, based on excellent industry research, along with tips to help.


What’s a high-value post? It’s one that is likely to get shares, comments and likes. And while it’s hard to define the exact formula, you’ll know it when you see it. Notice, too, how each platform views “high value” differently.

While Instagram and Twitter both like visuals and a feeling of being in a picture, Facebook is more about information/education. All platforms like a story, but Facebook is generally less emotional. Notice that none of the posts ask for likes/shares/comments and instead get them organically. This is crucial to understanding the power of high-value posts. Another important thing to note: high-quality posts are often about something else. Not how great the brand, person or organization is that is posting but about the thing they’re posting.

How Often and When To Post on Each Social Media Platform

Because Pinterest is a passive platform, we’ve left it off and have chosen to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great B2B platform that is often overlooked so be sure to add it to your strategy. For each, we’ve distilled a posting strategy to the most important points. Don’t forget to download or print our handy infographic to place wherever you do your social media planning: it will help you master the art of engaging posts.

Get Scheduling

Social media is all about creating original and curating existing, valuable content that will delight users enough for them to interact. Depending on the platform, different types of engagements matter: Facebook shares are huge whereas on Instagram, comments are the best. Create a social media strategy that follows these guidelines and you’re likely to see greater engagement, reach and possibly conversions. Get in touch today for a FREE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT.

Social media has been good to PR. That said, you’ve got to understand each platform’s specific role in the industry if you’re going to land the pitch.

Social media is an integral part of our clients’ marketing strategies. We take into consideration influencers they should be mingling with, where their audience is hanging out online, and what kinds of digital hits we want to get. Not to mention, social media is how we strategize internally when it comes to building our own relationships, appealing to journalists and diving deep into industry research.

But strategy looked wildly different when I got my start in PR. Back when I started in the industry, social media was nowhere to be found. I went to school for journalism before Facebook was widespread. We learned how to write on typewriters when I was in high school. So trust me when I say social media has changed everything about this industry.

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